Re-Sees : Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection – Feminine elegance on the runway!

Stella McCartney was shown  her Fall/Winter 2015-2016 ready-to-wear  collection in Paris Fashion Week, on March 9,2015. In this collection  the daily Life is matching with the commands of Fashion! Th the opposite sides as celebration of freedom  and exploring of classic are working in Stella’s collection perfect! ( but it was wrote yet, and not only here 🙂 )
  It is very  stylish collection,  the full collection  is a „masculine-meets-feminine“ .The corsets builts into tailoring , the classic tailored trouser suits with a particular touch of elegance are looking very feminine, there are  dresses dressed down with ribbed polo necks beneath and there are the super luxe knitted sweaters,  with „off“-the-shoulders. And  the overcoats are  „Fur-free“. It comes not very ofen in fall/winter  2015-2016 r-t-w collections which we re-„saw“ yet and which we will re-see in next winter monthes. ( Have i told you yet that i would like to write more about some outfits , for example which i like, to write about details  ect.? )
Eveningwear becomes graphic and returns to black and white. Most of evening Outfits are  also with „off“ the shoulder ,  pearl necklaces and ear jewellery makes the runway looks perfect. I think that a lot of woman will wear Stella McCartney in this season,.The silhouettes are easy to wear, the colours can seems for somebody a Little bit boring but for daily life ,for office and also for evening –  The Daily Life is matching with the Commands of Fashion!

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