Let me introduce myself! Day one of Blogging 101!

Let me introduce myself! Day one of Blogging 101!
 What  can happen when somebody hurry up ,what can happen when somebody think to have everything in mind, who doesn’t take a look on the calender! I’m so sorry! Of course the New York Fashion Week will begin on 10 September and not today! Shame on me, i have a schedule on the slidebar! BUT  Designers are sure woke up yet! About the press,  sure they will be there in few days! Thanks to my Facebook friend, without her comment i didn’t find this error! It is a big Lapsus,  good it’s  my blog and i can edit it anytime!!! ( And now imagine to do same error writing for some print Magazine???!!!! OMG! )
Back to Blooging 101,  Introduce Yourself to the World:
I am a  fashion journalist,i if you take a look of my blog, you will see that it’s not a blog but it’s a kind of online Fashion Magazine.I worked a few years in the fashion industry , not as Fashion journalist , not as model or desiger, there are a lot of jobs which make the Fashion industry moves ahead. Every job you do is interesting, you must love it, you must love the fashion to be a part of one of the biggest industries, exactly Fashion Industry!
 I live in Germany, i speak, write, read 4 languages.  I choosed english for my Magazine but in last time i start to think how can i modify my Magazine,  have you some idea? I start to think ,must first see how it’s works, i mean how can connect than both, so i would  like to have a blog ,more personal, post some advices, of course the red line will be Fashion!
The Blogging 101 will be for sure  very helpful, i’m happy and honored to be a part of this Program!
Thanks Happiness Engineers Michelle, Paul, TJ, and the WordPress.com Team for this possibility!