Gucci Spring/Summer 2019 show during PFW

It was a spectacular!

“Everything is a bit dusty here, a bit abandoned, but beautiful,”  Alessandro Michele  said. “But this place is full of life. The models could have been coming to the night club“

Alessandro Michele’s Gucci S/S 2019 collection was the best collection of the whole month and the show was the best of the NYFW, LFW, MFW and ,of course, the best of PFW. 
Michele makes the past live in the present. He resuscitated Gucci with his stupendously successful vintage-retrieving design formula. But the most important ( in my opinion!) that when you see his Gucci shows, you can  feel  the shadows which were being spirited up. 
For his S/S 2019 show Michele took us down to another layer of history  – from Cruise 2019 show which was in the Alyscamps necropolis,  to „Le Palace“ in Paris, the hallowed ground of a late  ’70s and early-’80s club in an old theater in Montmartre. People came here to meet lovers and friends .
There were more than 80 looks , here are my favorite looks from Gucci S/S 2019 .I hope you will love them how i do love them. 

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