Fashion Flashback and current trends #1

X-Mas is in the air. The time we all like. The time to have a Holidays, spend time buying gifts or simply looking the outfits you would like to buy.  Time to travel. My decision to make a virtual trip comes spontaneously, Destination : New York Fashion Week. Collections for fall-winter 2015-2016, current Trends.
If you want to make for yourself some nice gift from „Marc Jacobs“ or maybe you are looking for some gift for your wife or girlfriend ( it can be simply a handbag or pair of shoes) – you only need to click on the „Marc Jacobs“  down!
  Marc Jacobs.  From Fall/Winter 2015-2016


Marc Jacobs FW 15 NYFW
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
March Jacobs FW 15 NYFW3
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW 2
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW1
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW 3
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW 3
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW15 NYFW1
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW 22
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016


Party-Season #2 . The best Evening Runway Looks

Every woman want to feel herself like a star and the Christmas Holidays is the best time to make her dreams true. First of all she must choose a perfect evening Outfit. It’s not important where  you are going to spend your X-Mas Holidays- at home , it in tropical paradise in Maldives or in Alps, yo Need to have  the evening Outfit hich will make you a star of the evening.  Here are  Outfits from Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collections  which can  inspire you.
Donna Karan
Donna Karan F/W 2015
Donna Karan 2
Donna Karan F/W 2015
Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci F/W 2015 by Peter Dundas
Emporio Armani 1
Emporio Armani F/W 2015
Versace F/W 2015
Sonia Rykiel
Sonia Rykiel /W 2015
BAlmain 1
Balmain F/W 2015
Maison Margiela 3
Maison Margiela F/W 2015
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney F/W 2015
Givenchy women 1
Givenchy F/W 2015
Givenchy women2
Givenchy F/W 2015

Re-Sees : Valentino Fall/Winter 2015-2016 ready-to-wear collection

Back to collections for fall&winter seasons.  Paris Fashion Week,  March 10 ,2015.
Valentino Fall/Winter 2015-2016 pret-a-porter collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli.
A lot of us will remember this Show about  Derek Zoolander and Hansel, aka Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson,the both  came at the tail end of the Valentino Show ,do  you remember it?
Chiuri and Piccioli go to their Italian origins for inspiration. For Fall they looked at Emilie Flöge and Celia Birtwell, two women who were both artists and muses (Flöge to Gustav Klimt, and Birtwell to her husband, the designer Ossie Clark, as well as the painter David Hockney). The new perspective energized them. Flöge, who was a couturier in her own right and rejected her era’s de rigueur corsets, gave the designers the collection’s gentle A-line silhouettes and the gold leaf effects on fox-fur coats, as well as lit-from-within quilted velvet coats. Birtwell, who is still alive and kicking and collaborated with Chiuri and Piccioli on their Pre-Fall collection, supplied the dragon motif that decorated a black trapeze dress.
But there was much more at play here, from the casual new vibes of oversize fisherman knit sweaters worn with A-line midi skirts to the sensual efficiency of silk crepe dresses, tie-neck blouse and wide-leg culottes, or an away-from-the-body black dress paneled in tonal strips of leather, as they are at their lovely eveningwear. Inevitably, though, it’s the gowns that get the attention.
(Actually, uploading the photos , i find a few outfits which i like too much! I must find out how to update or re-build my  online Magazine , i wrote about it yet. The collections and Editorials will be the featuring Content but i want also one place for me, for my advices ect.)

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Re-Sees : Chloé Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection – Chic and sophisticated runway Looks!

Back to Paris Fashion Week and to collections for fall & winter 2015-2016 seasons.
Chloé Fall/Winter 2015-2016 pret-a-porter collection designed by Stevie Nicks was shown on March,8, 2015 in PFW.
I can only repeat what the collegues wrote yet : “ This is Chloe’s season. The obsession with the seventies; floor length coats, preferably with some shearling on the side, boho dresses with tall boots and peasant blouses“ .
D’accord! The collection is very 70ies.  But same time the „Cloé woman“  lives today and she is chic and sophisticated, with individual character and complete confidence. She makes (or made yet?)  carieer because if you want to wear Chloé  you must have: first of all very good taste, second one -money because  all this chic and sophisticate pieces are not cheap at all  ( but! the taste you can’t buy! Or you have it or you don’t )  . Anyway, i think it’s better to have 10 outfits from luxus brands, of course factual collections that 50 different pieces „no Name“, it’s my  own opinion, about all pro-and contra and why i think in this way i’ll tell you one day in  posting dedicated only for this arguments.  ( nothing against „no-name“! )
Back to collection, nice, wearble, very  70 ies but in this season it’s IN, and don’t forget, it’s not a vintage, it maybe in vintage style but it’s for woman which lives today, which wants to look chic in fall&winter 2015-2016!

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Re-Sees : Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection – Feminine elegance on the runway!

Stella McCartney was shown  her Fall/Winter 2015-2016 ready-to-wear  collection in Paris Fashion Week, on March 9,2015. In this collection  the daily Life is matching with the commands of Fashion! Th the opposite sides as celebration of freedom  and exploring of classic are working in Stella’s collection perfect! ( but it was wrote yet, and not only here 🙂 )
  It is very  stylish collection,  the full collection  is a „masculine-meets-feminine“ .The corsets builts into tailoring , the classic tailored trouser suits with a particular touch of elegance are looking very feminine, there are  dresses dressed down with ribbed polo necks beneath and there are the super luxe knitted sweaters,  with „off“-the-shoulders. And  the overcoats are  „Fur-free“. It comes not very ofen in fall/winter  2015-2016 r-t-w collections which we re-„saw“ yet and which we will re-see in next winter monthes. ( Have i told you yet that i would like to write more about some outfits , for example which i like, to write about details  ect.? )
Eveningwear becomes graphic and returns to black and white. Most of evening Outfits are  also with „off“ the shoulder ,  pearl necklaces and ear jewellery makes the runway looks perfect. I think that a lot of woman will wear Stella McCartney in this season,.The silhouettes are easy to wear, the colours can seems for somebody a Little bit boring but for daily life ,for office and also for evening –  The Daily Life is matching with the Commands of Fashion!

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