Shopping time-current trends!

We  love to make  a gifts  and  hope you bought the Christmas gifts for everyone yet, so now it the best time to think about yourself , take time and choose some Christmas gift for you,  and who cares if it comes before 24 December- of course , as soon as possible, also tomorrow , 😉 – but the most  important it will be something very trendy! Maybe you can find something what will make your winter look more fashionable?


Winter 2015-2016 ,the Runway Looks from Paris Fashion Week

It’s a X-Mas time, it’s a winter time and it’s a time to make and recieve the gifts. But every woman likes to make the gifts for herself, spend time making shopping and choose what she likes , which pieces matching, what is IN nad whatis OUT. I choosed some runway Looks for Fall/Winter 2015-2016 from Paris Fashion Week. Maybe this Looks can inspire you.


Alexander McQueen AW 15 PW
Alexander McQueen F/W 2015-2016
ANThony Vaccarello AW15 PFW
Anthony Vaccarello F/W 2015-2016
Balmain AW 15 PFW
Balmain F/W 2015-2016
Chanel AW 15 2OFW
Chanel F/W 2015-2016
Chanel AW 15 PFW
Chanel F/W 2015-2016
Dior AW15 PFW
Christian Dior F/W 2015-2016
Dries Van Noten 1 PFW
Dries Van Noten F/W 2015-2016
Emanuel Ungaro AW 15 1PFw
Emanuel Ungaro F/W 2015-2016
Emanuel Ungaro AW 15 PFW
Emanuel Ungaro F/W 2015-2016
Givenchy AW15 PFW
Givenchy F/W 2015-2016
John Galliano AW 15 PFw
John Galliano F/W 2015-2016
Miu Miu AW 15 PFW
Miu Miu F/W 2015-2016
Roland Mouret AW 15 PFw
Roland Mouret F/W 2015-2016
Saint Laurent AW 15 PFW
Saint Laurent F/W 2015-2016
Valentino AW 15 2 PFW
Valentino F/W 2015-2016

Fashion Flashback and current trends #1

X-Mas is in the air. The time we all like. The time to have a Holidays, spend time buying gifts or simply looking the outfits you would like to buy.  Time to travel. My decision to make a virtual trip comes spontaneously, Destination : New York Fashion Week. Collections for fall-winter 2015-2016, current Trends.
If you want to make for yourself some nice gift from „Marc Jacobs“ or maybe you are looking for some gift for your wife or girlfriend ( it can be simply a handbag or pair of shoes) – you only need to click on the „Marc Jacobs“  down!
  Marc Jacobs.  From Fall/Winter 2015-2016


Marc Jacobs FW 15 NYFW
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
March Jacobs FW 15 NYFW3
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW 2
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW1
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW 3
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW 3
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW15 NYFW1
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016
Marc Jacobs FW 15 NW 22
Marc Jacobs F/W 2015-2016


Party-Season #2 . The best Evening Runway Looks

Every woman want to feel herself like a star and the Christmas Holidays is the best time to make her dreams true. First of all she must choose a perfect evening Outfit. It’s not important where  you are going to spend your X-Mas Holidays- at home , it in tropical paradise in Maldives or in Alps, yo Need to have  the evening Outfit hich will make you a star of the evening.  Here are  Outfits from Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collections  which can  inspire you.
Donna Karan
Donna Karan F/W 2015
Donna Karan 2
Donna Karan F/W 2015
Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci F/W 2015 by Peter Dundas
Emporio Armani 1
Emporio Armani F/W 2015
Versace F/W 2015
Sonia Rykiel
Sonia Rykiel /W 2015
BAlmain 1
Balmain F/W 2015
Maison Margiela 3
Maison Margiela F/W 2015
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney F/W 2015
Givenchy women 1
Givenchy F/W 2015
Givenchy women2
Givenchy F/W 2015

Party-Season. Like a Star.

 It’s a  X-Mas time. Do you have some planes yet? Are you going to spend the X-Mas with your family? It can be a good occasion to present your partner to your family. If u want transform him into a gentelman follow some tipps i’ll give you. Has he a perfect suit  but you think that the shoes he wears is not the best choice?Buy a new one ,  make as  a X-Mas gift and the next step is easy, you need  only to advice him to wear his stylish suit with the new pair of shoes, if he’ll ask you why and if his old shoes weren’t good enough simply tell him that you would like he wears the gift you are made for him. The X-Mas dinner, the X-Mas gifts,  the Holidays, this special,magic  mood, you want to be a  star.  Your wishes will come true! The best way to make a Shopping is to make it online. Simply visit online stores and you will find all you want and all you need.
A few Looks for you and for your Partner. Be a Star in X-Mas time!
Balmain Fall/Winter 2015-2016


Balmain Fall/Winter 2015-2016


Evening wear for Him!