Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 – Glamour pure!

Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 Collection.
Communal Apartments in the USSR aren’t generally associated with glamour, yet the Kazakhstan-born designer presented her own dramatic, glitzy version of living conditions under Marxism-Leninism.
 There were long hems, lampshade volumes and soft fabrics like velvet and satin for the once grandes dames, ex-owners of the 10-room homes they now shared with peasants dressed in traditional motifs – one black-and-white dress with a lace panel representing a squirrel paired with a fur bonnet stood out .And the festive spirit was still there, explored through a series of naïf draped or plissé dresses covered in embroidered and printed confetti, and not-so innocent boudoir pieces in embroidered pale blue silk and peach crêpe. A bejewelled babydoll dress worn with a velvet-and-fur ice-cream cone bag had a whiff of Mikhail Bulgakov to it. Flower embroideries in a burgundy jacket-and-skirt ensemble turned the model into a poupée russe. But that’s where Sergeenko’s talent lies: in thoroughly exploring Russian imagery, and almost (if not quite) giving it a humorous Twist.
Top model Natalia Vodianova,one of the best friends of Ulyana said :
„It’s a brand that has an incredible potential. … I actually have a big passion for craftsmanship and I think that Ulyana is an incredible force behind Russian craftsmanship.
She’s gathering young and old women from all over Russia in her atelier in Moscow. She now has over 100 full-time people employed in embroidering, carving and doing beading and all kinds of work that goes into her collection.
Ulyana is the reason that all women in Moscow dress like princesses.“

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