What’s going on,  will you ask?
The first question is : What’s going on in the fashion industry? First, on 7 October 2015,Kering announced that Demna Gvasalia will lead the creative direction team for iconic fashion house Balenciaga, as second, on October 22, Raf Simons left Dior House which is the jewel in the crown of french& world fashion and on October 28, the Breaking News again, Alber Elbaz left Lanvin.
One example :the brand such Chanel send a consistent message about what they are and what they stand for. If you are going to invest, you invest in that.Also if you don’t like one collection or maybe complete season. During Elbaz tenure Lanvin look became so recognizable that in 2010 Lanvin  launched a collaboration with H&M. Iconic house as Lanvin is, collaborated with H&M! Lanvin was founded in  1889,by Jeanne Lanvin.In 1909, Lanvin joined the Syndicat de la Couture, which marked her formal status as a couturiére. But today is October 28,2015 and the discussions  and speculiations are going Forward. The questions such “ Who -or will Alber Elbaz replace Simons at the helm of Dior? Who will replace Alber Elbaz in Lanvin?“  are still open.
As always, when a departure is announced, speculation is rife as to who could replace him. Riccardo Tisci  is rumoured to be a candidate, but here comes the question,will Riccardo Tisci leave  Givenchy in 2015-2016? He refused one time, so why must he change his opinion now, when he want to start with Givenchy Haute Couture?Young LVMH Talent Jonathan Andreson , currently at Loewe, is also being mooted. It is possible, however – as they did with Simons – that the company could look to an outside hire, which is where the names being connected with the job become even more diverse and interesting. Gucci’sAlessandro Michele,   EX Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz , New York’s  duo Proenza Schouler and also Olivier Theyskens  are also being connected with the now-vacant role.
Back to Breaking News, to Alber Elbaz :
Elbaz’s exit from Lanvin places him in prime position for the post of artistic director of Dior, left open by the departure of Raf Simons  last week.
 The designer – known for his charisma, flair and couture-like approach to ready-to-wear – had a successful if disrupted career prior to Lanvin. Following an early placement at Guy Laroche, he went on to work at Yves Saint Laurent, and was expected to become its creative director when Saint Laurent retired
Elbaz worked for the Paris fashion house Lanvin from 2001 until October 2015. In 2014, Lanvin had estimated revenues of 250 million euros.
Here is a  complete statement, signed by Elbaz :
At this time of my departure from Lanvin on the decision of the company’s majority shareholder, I wish to express my gratitude and warm thoughts to all those who have worked with me passionately on the revival of Lanvin over the last 14 years; express my affection to all my wonderful colleagues in the Lanvin ateliers who accompanied me, and who enriched and supported my work. Together we have met the creative challenge presented by Lanvin and have restored its radiance and have returned it to its rightful position among France’s absolute luxury fashion houses.
I also wish to express my profound and deepest gratitude to all of the clients and friends, to the French and international press and to all those business partners who collaborated with Lanvin, providing us with support since 2001.
I wish the house of Lanvin the future it deserves among the best French luxury brands, and hope that it finds the business vision it needs to engage in the right way forward.
Alber Elbaz
Designer Alber Elbaz walks the runway during the Lanvin show as part of the Paris Fashion Week womenswear Spring/Summer 2016 on October 1, 2015.
Elbaz and Maryl Streep
Alber Elbaz with Meryl Streep at the Fashion Group International Night Of Stars Gala in New York.
Elbaz 2008
Alber Elbaz at the Lanvin show during Paris fashion week in 2008

Undercover Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection – Paris Fashion Week

 Undercover designed by Jun Takashi unveiled spring/summer  2016 collection . The showwas  at the Cirque d’Hiver, in Paris,of course.
Jun Takahashi’s Undercover collections usually have a message, but you don’t have to get his deeper meanings to appreciate what he does. „The people need to be strong,” he said. His backstage sentiments jibed with a soundtrack that featured a live version of the Rolling Stones’s song for the have-nots, “Salt of the Earth.”
Takahashi came at his insurrectionary message both subtly and less so. To start, he mashed up jackets and coats with backpacks to give his tailoring a ready-for-battle attitude. There were zip-up pockets front and back and on the hips; some jackets were so transformed that their fronts were mere straps covering bare breasts. It could’ve been a silly exercise, but Takahashi is a clever tailor, with a wicked sense of humor. In another sign he’s down with the people, he co-opted low-culture concert T-shirts for high-fashion purposes. The Stones’s young faces stared out from inside the four suits of a card deck on a miniskirt and at the hems of pants. For every “have-not,” there’s a “have.” Takahashi turned playing-card royals into a print on blazers with the kings’ and queens’ eyes blacked out like the don’ts on a do’s-and-don’ts list.


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Chloé Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection – Paris Fashion Week

Chloé threw something of a curveball today,01. October 2015. Instead of the wistful silhouettes  came tracksuits, sporting stripes and carnival colours referencing a different dimension of the 70ies, the decade the house continues to reinvent so well. It’s not what you would immediately associate with the romantic Chloé girl, but as Clare Waight Keller explained after the show, this was about finding a new optimism.The usual lace slips were grounded with jogging bottoms; the signature cheesecloth maxi-dresses came not in cornflower blue and toffee hues but in sherbet shades; and bootcuts were replaced by easy, low-slung harem pants. It was relaxed and easy, as though Chloé’s girl was a girl on her gap year . Chloé unveiled us very youthful,really sophisticated high summer collection

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Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection – Milan Fashion Week

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection  was shown in Milan Fashion Week.
Rodolfo Paglialunga, who we know from his time as creativ director of Vionnet has now been three seasons at Jil Sander, stepping in to fill the shoes of the eponymous designer herself when she left the brand for the third time.Spring-summer collection began and ended with soft, white silks, blouses with slashed sleeves and skirts tied off in a knot to start, plus a neatly cut natural-toned ,very graceful gardener with little slits at the shoulders, and a loose, long-sleeved tunic dress with utility strap details at the chest and hem. In between came riffs on shirting such as a periwinkle shirtdress twisted at the midriff with a cutout along the waist.
Silhouettes are soft and fluid, satins slinky and in China blue, gentle draping an obvious follow-on from his Vionnet days.  It is a elegance, Rodolfo Paglialunga has done an adequate job adhering to the house’s minimalist credo, designing nice, chicly practical clothes which every women must have in her wardrobe.

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Daphne Groeneveld starring in Vogue Russia, August 2015 issue – *I am a Superstar* editorial

*I am a Superstar* Editorial with Top-Model Daphne Groeneveld lensed by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia, August 2015 issue.
Fashion Editor: Olga Dunina
Hair: Esther Langham ; make-up: Francelle Daly
 Daphne Groeneveld detours to the dark side in *I am a Superstar* Editorial lensed by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia , August 2015. Skin tight feels right as the penetrating power of purple takes over. Fueled with the fire of crystal decadence, tectonic flavors fill the page. Playing a rock-star with a twist, dutch model gives off a hypnotic haze artfully backed by a violet-vibe. Fashion editor Olga Dunina makes a perfect job letting the breeze of high fashion fly free. Leather and lace never looked so cool with sexy panels sewn into the sides. Daphne Groeneveld  wears *Looks* from the new collections of Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Altuzarra, Gucci, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana ,Chanel and more selected by Fashion Editor.
Purple hues back the attack by amping things up with a smokey effect. Letting the mist of sensation fall over the face, Make-up Artist Francelle Daly invites vintage beauty to inspire. The shiny shades of Summer erupt with royal colors that light up the lids. Shadows speak with tints that extend out from the lashes and up to the brows. Giving us a nod to the 70’s, mascara embraces the eyes by defining the decade. From richly retro to aggressively avant-garde, orbs evoke both blue & green. The skin takes on a subtle pallor with frosted eyes and soft, peach lips. Hair stylist, Esther Langham makes the last touch of every perfect Look which we can see following this Editorial.

Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 – Glamour pure!

Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 Collection.
Communal Apartments in the USSR aren’t generally associated with glamour, yet the Kazakhstan-born designer presented her own dramatic, glitzy version of living conditions under Marxism-Leninism.
 There were long hems, lampshade volumes and soft fabrics like velvet and satin for the once grandes dames, ex-owners of the 10-room homes they now shared with peasants dressed in traditional motifs – one black-and-white dress with a lace panel representing a squirrel paired with a fur bonnet stood out .And the festive spirit was still there, explored through a series of naïf draped or plissé dresses covered in embroidered and printed confetti, and not-so innocent boudoir pieces in embroidered pale blue silk and peach crêpe. A bejewelled babydoll dress worn with a velvet-and-fur ice-cream cone bag had a whiff of Mikhail Bulgakov to it. Flower embroideries in a burgundy jacket-and-skirt ensemble turned the model into a poupée russe. But that’s where Sergeenko’s talent lies: in thoroughly exploring Russian imagery, and almost (if not quite) giving it a humorous Twist.
Top model Natalia Vodianova,one of the best friends of Ulyana said :
„It’s a brand that has an incredible potential. … I actually have a big passion for craftsmanship and I think that Ulyana is an incredible force behind Russian craftsmanship.
She’s gathering young and old women from all over Russia in her atelier in Moscow. She now has over 100 full-time people employed in embroidering, carving and doing beading and all kinds of work that goes into her collection.
Ulyana is the reason that all women in Moscow dress like princesses.“

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Zuhair Murad Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 Collection

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 Collection.
Cobalt lighting warmed the atmosphere at Zuhair Murad, throwing pastels in sharp contrast to the blue tint that colored everything else. Guests floated in this otherworldly ambience until the twinkling backdrop of the runway supernova-ed into a cape beset with twinkling crystals. White crystals twinkled with red ones. Far from the old „blood on bandages“ adage against diamond-ruby pairings, these gradually eased into the multifaceted wonders of wild space.  From then on, we had lift off.
As a whole, it was very much a collection treading the fine line between burnishing the brand’s image and offering starting points for its clients‘ orders of the season. To wit, high-waisted briefs under sheer star embroideries were certainly a sexy skyclad look, but a less daring client could always order a beautiful lining to complement this proposal. Elsewhere, this weightless impression continued as every step forward revealed the sheer pleats hidden behind burgundy lamé. This collection was rife with awareness of little tricks that delight the wearer.

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 Collection – The Epitome of Elegance,Class and Glamour!

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture A/W 2015 -2016 Collection – The Epitome of Elegance ,Class and Glamour!
Alexis Mabille had shown his Haute Couture Collection in Palais Garnier, in Paris, 8 July 2015 ,
in Paris Haute Couture Week.

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 – *Gaultier goes Breton*

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture A/W 2015 -2016 Collection inspired  by Breton.
Bagpipe music, dark lighting, and sailor inspired looks all debuted at the new Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 2015 couture collection in homage to Bretagne, a region in France still full of tradition.
Stunning art forms with intricate details from top to bottom with huge ball gowns, Anna Cleveland debuted the final wedding gown and it certainly deserved around of applause. Gaultier and Cleveland danced down the runway hand and hand to the song „In The Navy“ by Village People.
The Breton stripe, as worn by sailors, has become synonymous with Jean Paul Gaultier over the years.
So Wednesday’s fall-winter couture collection – inspired by the French region of Brittany – seemed like a wholly natural place for the French designer.
The results were more theatre than couture. But the exuberant couturier produced a highly infectious presentation, replete with an entire traditional Breton orchestra performing bagpipes on the runway, crepe-makers handing out delights and one model marching theatrically down in a giant patchwork couture explosion with a tube wig that had one guest weeping with laughter.
The collection saw lashings of Breton stripes, in blue and white tights, sheer black velvet blouses – and traditional lace Breton tube hats in exaggerated heights.
The Celtic Circle defined many of the silhouettes – appearing as giant circle skirts often embroidered in traditional patterns – and one gold show-stopper with black feather fringing.
Stunning art forms with intricate details from top to bottom with huge ball gowns, Anna Cleveland debuted the final wedding gown and it certainly deserved around of applause. Gaultier and Cleveland danced down the runway hand and hand to the song „In The Navy“ by Village People.
In the front row :
Catherine Deneuve applauded enthusiastically from the front row alongside American actress Michelle Rodriguez.
„I’ve loved Gaultier since I was in my twenties,“ Rodriguez told The Associated Press. „He’s just got always that edge, you know? He’s like an artist and he’s never scared.“