Armani Privé Haute Couture A/W 2015 -2016 Collection – Giorgio Armani expressed his creativity through his gorgeous design!

Armani Privé Haute Couture A/W 2015 -2016 Collection – Giorgio Armani  expressed his creativity through his gorgeous design!
Paris Haute Couture Week, 7 July 2015.
Giorgio Armani decided to view his Fall/Winter 2015 haute couture Armani Privé through rose colored glasses. Actually, let’s make that shocking pink glasses, as the Italian designer proposed a collection that was all about neon tinged afterhours colors and textural transformations.
All of the sartorial hallmarks the world has come to know and respect from Armani were apparent on his catwalk. The perfectionist tailoring, the bold jewelry, the shimmering eveningwear, a healthy dose of velvet, a fair share of feathers, and some serious statement hairdos.
But as Naomi Watts, Clive Owens, and Emmanuelle Béart looked on, it was the impressive play of vibrant colors deftly muted or exploited by the designer that was the novelty of the night. Many of the looks, from a sharp shouldered blazer in a degrade of silk Lurex and a full speckled jacquard skirt to a shaded silk buster dress or one in tiers of gauze, shot through with an assortment of colorful shimmering wool, explored a sophisticated color play.
Watching the collection unfold, it was almost as if Armani had captured the undulating beauty of neon lights from a dance club reflected in the inky black puddles on a rain slicked asphalt. Their harsh reality softened by the designer into something elegant and just a tad louche.
The other major story of the collection was the textural nature of almost every outfit. Shaded feather, fringing, or three-dimensional beading made the ensemble more tangible and tactile.
Combined with the rich color palette, the clothing in this couture collection was, to say the least, impressive.

  “I wanted to express my creativity!”said Giorgio Armani  during a preview of his Armani Privé collection. 

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