John Galliano Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection – Paris Fashion Week

Galliano is a genie, there is no doubt about it. His creativity has thousend facets. This week we saw luxury and creativity of his Maison Margiela’s s/s 2016 prêt-à-porter collection . But here  let us remember that  John Galliano’s fashion house named Bill Gaytten as new creative director  of Galliano’s eponymous Label… but it was a few years ago. So what?- will think you. So, it means that we don’t ( and didn’t see in last collections) see eccentric  creations under John Galliano eponymous Label as we are waiting for  and about he is famous for.
Anyway ,Galliano had come to represent British eccentricity at its wildest, Gaytten offered a variant that felt more fit to the lifestyle of his youthful target.But the initial order of business was to return to his roots, and those of the brand, by examining Britishness, seen through the kaleidoscope of its sartorial history. From tailoring to punk, from uniforms to underdressed, the staples of the genre were reinterpreted in gossamer thin fabric. All charming, but extra points went to blazers with sheer panels and parkas in mesh, perfectly cut and a testament to Gaytten’s talent in this field. Beading and delicate laces were paired with restraint. The lingerie overtone of many of the dresses was offset by the London energy that pulsated heavily from the runway.

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