Versace Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection – Milan Fashion Week

Donatella Versace was shown her  Versace Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection in Milan Fashion Week, at 25 September 2015. Donatella Versace celebrates the women and she  described The Versace Woman before the Show:
“She’s a very real woman,” said Donatella , “She works, travels around, she has to be perfect all the time… she’s not a young girl. But she has to take on an attitude of strength.”
If you don’t see the live stream i’ll tell you about the show  and i refer you the soundtrack: It was not just an added-on musical theme, but the massively inclusive, confidence-generating “Transition” by Violet .You’ll have to listen to it, it’s a call to all women to stop listening to our inner demons and outer detractors, and just get rid of everything which stops us from doing what we really want. Donatella Versace did it, she addressed all that by showing a collection which never ditched the beloved character of her family’s house, but concentrated mostly on varying shades of daywear, shown on an inclusive cast of characters.
Utility jackets in khaki and desert sand that made for little belted dresses, serious stealth legs on display with even more stealth and serious sandals – platforms with rubberised soles, safety buckles and a steep, steep heel – beneath; little chiffon torn dresses of camouflage combinations in neon orange, jungle green, purple and black; glossy backpacks; tie-handle scrunched bags; trailing cuffs on sheer chiffon gowns; tough jackets patched with animal print; The Versace House print gone wild in punchy green camouflage tailored suits with slouchy boy-cut pants, collaged into knits and sweatshirts .
Waist definition via a neon belt was key, as was the Versace military jacket – be it a bomber, be it a blazer, a blouson, cropped or not. It was sharp, it was bright, it was slits to the thigh on slinky little evening dresses.
It would not be Versace without an injection of sexiness—a quality which has been so out of fashion recently that many designers appear terrified of it. This time, Donatella Versace did show some of the requisite chiffon, fluttery, spilt-to-the-thigh gowns.. Whatever forces Donatella Versace was fighting to reach this new point of clarity, she won.
Versace Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection will be a Happening, it was a Happening from the first moments of the Show!

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