Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection – Milan Fashion Week.

Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection  was shown  today, September 26,2015 in Milan Fashion Week.
Bottega Veneta is a Symbol of traditional elegance. And spring/summer  collection is  about ease and elegance ,the Bottega way after all, throughout: comfortable colours such as biscuit beige, baby pink and blue, oatmeal. Nothing was obviously a performance here despite the obvious origins of the collection’s inception.
Tomas Maier , when he’s not busy making collections for the house of Bottega Veneta or for his eponymous label, likes to be outside – it’s his „number one thing“. So he blended his personal life with his professional life today for a spring/summer 2016 collection that catered for a working woman – those easy shift shapes and parachute dresses looped with rope at the waist – but took into account her wilder, eclectic side too. For there was a decided edge to his usual polished breed of woman – and whatever holidays and jaunts she was going on, we’d like in on it.
„There is a romance to the trip, to travel, to the trek in the open air,“ explained Maier. There came leopard prints and knitted stripes, rivets and serious stitching, spiderweb crochet splaying out over those aforementioned dresses – it was all about that texture play he does so well, this time taking hiking, sailing and nature as his informative reference points. The outcome of which lead to military notes as we saw at Versace last night, strong suiting in all-over print and clock those brilliantly mad leopard print clogs. And then try walking in them.
„It’s all about the materials and what you can do with them. This is for the individual, the eccentric, the exceptional,“ he continued.
An accessories brand at heart, aside from those clomping clogs, there were bags that took their effect from Italian woodwork and those that boasted skin rope trim – again picking up on his great outdoors theme, one which in his hands will no doubt win a few more fans over.

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