Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2016 collection – London Fashion Week

Mary Katrantzou  Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection  was shown in London Fashion Week ,on September 20,2015.
Mary Katrantzou quite contrary mixed the cosmic and chaos for her Spring/Summer collection that’s inspiration was “constructed to confuse.”  Staged in the Granary Building, home to Central Saint Martins, the floor was covered in crunching sticky blue plastic against an imposing backdrop of tilting mirrors, giving a distorted view of the scene and its voyeurs.  From the chaos of behind to the serenity on the runway, ethereal sequin covered chiffon dresses were strewn with intricate prints that looked like a contemporary twist of Giotto’s frescos and twinkling night skies.
Ribbon ties, metallic inserts, and piping in glowing gem colors mixed with candlelight complimenting shades, and a micro-fine metallic quilt effect that shifted across a million shades with each step. Floral crinkle sleeves contrasted with sequins, patchworks of print, colors and textures that all balanced on floral and snakeskin dipped boots with a metallic telescope-like heel.The collection closed with celestial block colors, burgundy with red, midnight with aqua blue, and black with color pattern ruffles that fluttered like a bustle as light as pollen in the wind in a show as beautiful as it was bewitching, showcasing an extraordinary aesthetic journey.

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