Burberry moves to a see-now-buy-now concept

Christopher Bailey , british designer turned CEO ,has made a name for himself as a master of reinvention, and at such a critical point in the label’s history he has proved that he commands the force to drive a storied brand into the future yet again.
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Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2017 collection or returning to her design roots.

Katrantzou’s earliest collections, rich with dazzling trompe l’oeil, created one of the most distinctive design signatures of the past decade, so distinctive, in fact, that her efforts to move on have been dogged by that early success. With her spring/summer 2017 collection, Mary Katrantzou  snapped back to own who she is: a great print designer, and a Greek one.“It’s funny, I never wanted to use classical Greek art, because being from there, it seemed too obvious,” she said with a shrug after her show. “But this time, I thought, ‘Why not?’She looked back to her childhood visit to the ancient palace of Knossos, on Crete, the center of the Minoan civilization. Mary Katrantzou transposed the profiles of Minoan  goddesses   onto the bodices of dresses  and  printed them onto shimmery chain-mail tunics.



London Fashion Week :Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 2017

The night before this show, the opera Eliogabalo opened saison at the Palais Garnier, in Paris, with 60 costumes designed by Gareth Pugh. Seems that the Pugh’s work for the opera wound up informing his new collection. Anyway, there is  no beating a Gareth Pugh show for sheer showmanship -this season, he accelerated hard into that impulse, sending out numerous looks in bullion-like gold  These heavily decorated ensembles gave way to a collection notable for its atypical earthiness. There were the striped and sunburst-patterned looks which gives the Pugh aesthetic something new. The broad sundresses, caftans, and obi-belted looks struck an entirely original tone.


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House of Holland’s Jubiläum Kollektion -Frühling/Sommer 2017

House of Holland feierte gestern seine 10 Jubiläum. Schauen Sie komplette Frühling/Sommer 2017 Kollektion an.
Wir werden über Show später berichten.

Sibling S/S 2017 – Mens-womens collection on the runway

Smile and Wear Sibling  could be a motto of Sibling’s spring/summer 2017 show yesterday . Sibling are one the brands which shaking up the fashion system. Few days ago Sibling announced the decision to show their men’s and women’s collections  together, following  Burberry and Gucci. Except Sibling will be doing so on the menswear schedule, rather than during the womenswear circus, unlike others who have opted to Combine both- womens-an menswear.Many brands are offering ripped jeans, oversized shirts and hoodies- the symbol of coolness nowadays  but Sibling’s offer is different – Sibilng’s DNA is a knitwear – they offering  something clean cut, playful with retro touch.
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