Genius John or Maison Margiela Artisanal Fall/Winter 2016

It is a renewed sense of outward-looking engagement in Galliano’s Maison Margiela Artisanal Fall/Winter 2016.His collection mixed up fragments of technical urban streetwear with references to French revolutionary times, including a swaggering military greatcoat and a tricorne hat, worn at a jaunty angle, which might almost have been purloined from Napoleon’s own wardrobe.All the followers  of John Galliano’s early work knows that the designer has had a career-long romance with French Revolution , which began with Les Incroyables, his graduation collection from Central Saint Martins, shown in 1984. In his new Artisanal Galliano even reffering back to his earlest work-it seems he reprised an idea for a muslin dress, embroidered with red lace from a collection he once did about the post-revolutionary Merveilleuses. In any case it is  Galliano’s love of the empire line in general was evident here.The collection felt like the best marriage yet of Margiela and Galliano. It has long been a Galliano-ism to put clothes on upside down and back to front, it is a part of his experimental mission to question tradition and find new forms in clothing,a process that he has extending into wrapping, draping, and twisting swags of fabric to create new volumes.It’s also an on-point participation of the world of young fashion nowadays.