Philip Plein Fall/Winter 2016-2017 : Star Wars and MadMax in Milan’s runway

Philip Plein’s fall/winter 2016  show  yesterday ( Milan Fashion Week ) has started  one hour later and  took place in an extreme venue .Featured artist-  semi-controversial  Performer Chris Brown. Come on, it’s Plein. The mood of this show was a mash-up of the Storm Troopers’ outfits from Star Wars and Mad Max, all this with a lot of fur coats. Three massive semi-trailers reversed into the room. On the open backs of them were the models, who clung to stainless-steel frames not unlike Plein’s early-career furniture pieces. They marched out wearing a collection of paneled jumpsuits -some of them with sharp upturned shoulders. There were also long black dresses with body-stockinged slashes at the hip, and long bombers and bikers, some decorated with metallic reliefs of Marvel superheroes over very micro dresses . Too much fur-hooded parkas, sneakers with sawtooth soles and Swarovski sparkle, and a wide-legged pantsuit with crystal details on the back were a few other pieces visible through strobe and gloom. Philipp Plein said backstage: “Everyone at the moment is going on a ’70s mood. But I don’t want to be a follower; I want to do things the way I like to do. And I am influenced by modern street style, and by hip-hop. That’s what I love.” At the end another truck reversed in with Brown, who delivered a blink-and-you-missed it performance .This was not the greatest show in the Plein career but a middling Plein show is still  more entertaining than many others which we’ve seen in Milan last days.