Versace Fall/Winter 2016-2017 :Sexiness is back on the Versace runway

It is safe to say that sexiness is back at Versace, but in keeping with the hard-core, military-womenspower  mood Donatella Versace  set out for spring/summer 2016 season—Fall 2016 is a different, more various kind of sexy, embracing models of a range of shapes and ages. “I love mixing the cool girls with the reality girls,” Donatella said backstage. “It’s about a woman’s power—for every kind of woman!“
For fall 2016 season, again, Donatella Versace has paid attention to daywear, starting with black leather-trimmed suits and belted coats, moving into biker-jacketed tailoring, taut ski-pants, and a section of sporty crosshatched knit dresses, and one big chunky sweater in an abstracted alpine pattern . Then came the prints, some of them consisting of baroque curlicues designed by Gianni Versace and then  remaked  on the computer.There were  so much dark blue, ice-blue,  coral,yellow ,wavy and stretched lines that drew the eye so much as the general sense of energy radiated by this new, more inclusive and individualistic band of Versace models. And there were , again , many long legs on show, and a comeback for the power of dressing in black.