Gucci Cruise 2017 campaign

Setting its latest ad campaign in the stately Chatsworth House, Gucci brings its particular brand of cool back to its origins in the English countryside. Home to that same eccentricity that is at much quintessentially British as it has become quintessentially Gucci under Alessandro Michele’s direction, the country manor serves as a delightfully strange but appropriate setting for the brand’s Cruise 2017 collection.Shot by  Glen Luchford, the campaign stars the great British actress Vanessa Redgrave alongside a gang of 8  models.



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Gucci Cruise 2017 Show



Lutz Huelle Spring/Summer 2017

Lutz Huelle,german designer, famous in France  more that in Germany, unveiled his spring 2017 collection yesterday, during Paris Fashion Week.The big news  was the furthering of previous seasons’ trompe l’oeil layered denim. The silhouette was strong-shouldered and squared-off. Lutz is  famous about his deconstructed design, and , there was deconstructed shirting in white and black  but there  was a new eastern influence that came through in the kimono-style wrapped jackets, or the mandarin collar of a camouflage topper piped in fuchsia. The one thing is sure,  in next season german fashion scene will love Lutz Huelle’s collections as french trendsetters does.
Lutz Huelle Spring/Summer 2017

Gucci Resort 2017: punk bourgeois looks show in the Westminter Abbey

Gucci and Alessandro Michele are taking Gucci Resort 2017 collection on the road, showing the collection before yesterday  in Westminster Abbey in London. Michele’s show is the first ever staged  under the majestic stained glass windows of the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey.The 700-year-old church cloisters proved a dramatic setting for Alessandro Michele’s Cruise 2017 collection, and only heightened its quirky charms.
“You put more and more just to be crazy,because when you are crazy, you have the illusion of fashion. And fashion is the biggest illusion you can have.” Alessandro Michele said backstage.The looks he showed, 96 veils of illusion, will disassemble effortlessly into piles of sensational knitwear, closets full of pretty little dresses and proper pleated skirts, mounds of new accessories .



photos courtesy of Gucci

Philip Plein Fall/Winter 2016-2017 : Star Wars and MadMax in Milan’s runway

Philip Plein’s fall/winter 2016  show  yesterday ( Milan Fashion Week ) has started  one hour later and  took place in an extreme venue .Featured artist-  semi-controversial  Performer Chris Brown. Come on, it’s Plein. The mood of this show was a mash-up of the Storm Troopers’ outfits from Star Wars and Mad Max, all this with a lot of fur coats. Three massive semi-trailers reversed into the room. On the open backs of them were the models, who clung to stainless-steel frames not unlike Plein’s early-career furniture pieces. They marched out wearing a collection of paneled jumpsuits -some of them with sharp upturned shoulders. There were also long black dresses with body-stockinged slashes at the hip, and long bombers and bikers, some decorated with metallic reliefs of Marvel superheroes over very micro dresses . Too much fur-hooded parkas, sneakers with sawtooth soles and Swarovski sparkle, and a wide-legged pantsuit with crystal details on the back were a few other pieces visible through strobe and gloom. Philipp Plein said backstage: “Everyone at the moment is going on a ’70s mood. But I don’t want to be a follower; I want to do things the way I like to do. And I am influenced by modern street style, and by hip-hop. That’s what I love.” At the end another truck reversed in with Brown, who delivered a blink-and-you-missed it performance .This was not the greatest show in the Plein career but a middling Plein show is still  more entertaining than many others which we’ve seen in Milan last days.







Sibling Fall/Winter 2016 , London Fashion Week

Sibling fall/winter 2016-2017 collection . London Fashion Week.
Inspired by Grace Jones Sibling’s collection  was fantastic.This was a boisterous, confident Show. It’s easy just to focus on Sibling’s catwalk theatrics – the bare breasts with  star-shaped nipple covers, the sexy retro body suits, the knit raffia-snoods, the plethora of lurex, the signature leopard print. But if you look beyond the obvious, they’re pushing a more complex form of dressing that extends far beyond show pieces and statement knits. It’s a new kind of power dressing, one that rejects the notion that one has to look ‘serious’ to be smart. The Sibling woman has always been a force to be reckoned with, but she had a new authority for A/W 16. Sibling not only push knitting excellence but they also promote a better, more sustainable, more positive view of femininity ,one that’s built around strength rather than mere style.