From Autumn2015 to Spring 2016! A few words about Fashion Industry rules.

I’ll write only a few words , not because i know it better or because i want write something which nobody knew, Not at All!
I have my reasons:  My blog , ok ( till now it’s a Kind of Online Fashion Magazine) , if you see when i start it you’ll understand,
I started in May 2015, Fashion Weeks and Shows where were shown the collections for fall/winter 2015-2016 were in Ferbuary-March. In this time i posted all on my Facebook site, you can find all, inkl. Haute Couture for S/S 2015!  To post actual collections ,i mean the runway photos from latest Fashion Weeks and ready-to-wear collections was a Little bit „late“ . Till now i had only Paris Haute Couture  Week ,there i was in time, took a look of schedule and the Job is done. The Fashion Weeks, New-York Fashion Week is start yet, i dont want to post all collections which were shown yet. I’l post
But i would like to give my online Magazine a touch of personlaity. There are a lot of similar sites in web. It’s nonsence to do same as another does. It can be very similar but if it doenst have any touch of personality , for example as this spontan text, it will be not interesting. For nobody. And also for me. It will be boring.