Fendi Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 Collection – Haute Fourrure Collection by Karl Lagerfeld.

Fendi Haute Couture A/W 2015-2016 Collection – Haute Fourrure Collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi,
As he celebrates 50 years at the Italian brand, Karl Lagerfeld will be in the spotlight througout this prestigious week, and specifically on July 8. Rather than an haute couture presentation, this will actually be a show of ‘haute fourrure,’ meaning fur, filled with creations that are sure to dazzle the crowds.
It was the first Fendi’s Haute Couture Show.
French film icon and ardent animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot has already registered her disapproval by writing a letter to Choupette Lagerfeld, the designer’s pampered feline companion.
About Maison Fendi :
Fendi was alsways famous about fur and leather creations and the collection don’t surpise me at all, glam and luxury, fur coats which made Fendi famous all around the world.
Founded in 1925 in Rome, Fendi is renowned for its exquisite creations on fur and fur accessories.The house of Fendi was launched in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi,  as a fur and leather shop in Via del Plebiscito, Rome. Since 1946, the five sisters of second generation (Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla & Alda) started entering the company and bought new wave of enthusiasm. Karl Lagerfeld  joined Fendi in 1965 and becomes the Creative Director for Fur and also for Women Ready-to-Wear (launched in 1977).[Silvia Venturini Fendi, daughter of Anna, joined in 1994 and is the Creative Director for Accessories and Men’s lines. Since 2001, Fendi becomes a multinational luxury fashion brand and member of LVMH  group.Fendi invested more than 2 million euros (approximately $2.7 million) to help restore the Trevi Fountain in Rome designed by Nicola Salvi in 18th century. The restoration works started June 2014. “It’s about tying us with a city that makes millions of people dream,” Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari said.

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