Valentino S/S 2017 : Pierpaolo Piccioli writes the new chapter in Maison Valentino

 It was afternoon in Paris when famous designer Pierpaolo Piccioli has written the new chapter in the Story of Maison Valentino.The sun  light streamed in on the girls who walked around the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild yesterday.They were wearing a  collection which looks as a romance  delivered in contemporary shapes and details, like the lace-up flats and micro-mini crossbody bags swung over evening wear. The prints of the dresses were gorgeous. Pierpaolo Piccioli  became fascinated by the work of Zandra Rhodes – british fashion designer of the ’70s and ’80s, known for her hand-drawn prints, and has visited her in London asking to make the prints from Hieronymus Bosch painting. And the result as a magical series of dresses in pinks to reds came out, they were delicately printed or embroidered with patterns of birds and fantasy vegetation.Stunning beauty!But Piccioli’s daywear was the most striking . He showed a mouthwatering brocade coat in plush pink, and coral and poison-green patterned boy-cut trousers, and paired them with white shirts in such a way that they also looked completely modern. It is a dreamy  look for every women and, in case you want wear a dress, Pierpaolo Piccioli cut single-color crepe dresses which are simply  the epitome of elegance!The Valentino customer will adore the collection Pierpaolo Piccioli made for them. 



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