Victorian era with surreal touch : Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Thom Browne unveleid his fall/winter 2016-2017 collection on a set , rebuilding Washington Square how it could be a century ago,.In his womenswear collection Browne has used to the atavistic nature of the menswear uniform. The kind of tailoring that  Thom Browne used  has been a fashion concern  over a hundred years!The way Browne extrapolated and elaborated it also made you wonder about the suit’s endurance: Browne was playing such an interesting games with his clothes this season, cobbling together garments from component suit elements, making a kind of surreal effects. And yes, he  has showed really beautiful pieces, bead-detailed bell-shaped dresses, layered jacquard, wool, and broadcloth skirts, long tweed and bouclé suits .There were  the looks that featured hand-done geometric pleats  graced by beading at the edges. There were many pieces which we are not waiting to see in one ready-to wear collection but who cares? Iventive , creative, collection which makes you thinking. And that is important. Great! Thank you Thom for this Show! It is the best what we see in this days!





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    1. The tailoring is cool, isn’it? Maybe as ready-to-wear is not wearable but the concept is very original.
      You know , the Show and some pieces are look like Chanel, don’t you have same feeling?

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