Gucci „Poetic Reactivation“ menswear collection

Alessandro Michele unveiled Gucci menswear fall/winter 2016-2017 collection.
Under Michele’s tenure, Gucci  started to change a complete look of their customers. Gucci these days is genderless, seasonless, formal and casual mixed. Gucci men became an androgynous, free, eclectic and , he is not a teen anymore,Gucci men became a boy in a state of identity flux, alive. He was clad in Snoopy t-shirts, a teddy-bear cardigan and little caps and hats with animal details and tassels dangling by the ears . The approach to age is very intiguing because one can imagine these clothes on a grandma as much as a teen boy, a young girl as much as a grown man. Age is the ultimate taboo in fashion -and in our society- and  Michele is pioneering by playing with it. That sense of generation tourism fits with the title of the collection – Poetic Reactivation. Michele is offering not invention but reinvention and revival.This was about discovering items from the past, and exploring how they feel contemporary or relevant to now, and in turn how a new generation or fresh eye can see new meaning in them. It’s simply different. A different philosophy. But it’s about the luxuryt because the  freedom and choice is true luxury a new way of looking at things – it’s a Poetic Reactivation.