A few words about Prada Spring/Summer 2016 collection – Runway Looks or pieces to be combined with

I write this content because of my blog, because of one conversation.
Miuccia Prada presented us very interesting collection, i wrote yet about it.This collection more i see more i start like some pieces, more ideas i have.
In this collection is very diffiuclt ot choose the pieces  but is it really? A lot of runway Looks give us any choice,i mean or you wear the complet Look,i mean suit-maybe also with Sweater- or you leave it at all.
Miuccia does all this collections , every season absolutely new style, from „chic“ 70 ies to houswives of 50-60ies inkl.macrame mini poncos, maybe to see that the customers are coming always back and buy all this because of Prada -PRADA-,the best publicity was the film „Devil wears Prada“ , it seems to be very old film but it is not, it is 2006. So the girls who had been watching this film in 2006-2008 were maybe 16 years old, today they are 24-26 years old and a lot of them wants to wear Prada. So Miuccia present collections for Young generation,for example fall 2015 is glamour and chic, spring-summer 2016 (which is not really very summer at all) is more avant guarde. Vynil, transparenst suits ect.
Back to complet Look, here i choosed one example, it is impossible to wear only skirt or jacket from this suit because of tailoring. I can imagine maybe the jacket with black trousers. Can imagine with black Chiffon blouse and black trousers. It is only example how this jacket to combined with another pieces….  it’s a pitty  i haven’t any photo only of thic jacket as example.
Second one example, spontaneous, if you wear this blue transparent suit, if you will wear it at all, than you better wear it as complete Look , with Sweater, because of colours contrast. The colours of Sweater making this suit interesting, it makes all Look a one big statment.  Two similar runway Looks from same collection but one can be easy combined with and second is absolutely complete because it Looks as one Piece, i mean it seems to be a one Piece and not a jeacket, skirt, Shirt and Sweater. But it is only my meaning and also only about this two Runway Looks from last, Spring 2016 collection of Prada.
( wrote by Syuzena Pitz)
Prada Look
From Prada spring/summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection. photo
From Prada Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection.