Prada Spring/Summer 2017 : past in future and pijama party

With her Spring/Summer 2017 collection Miuccia Prada decided  to simplify, declutter, and de-intellectualize the nowadays fashion  Backstage she said: “Instead of exploring the history of women, which I have for a while, I decided to take care of now, the present, and trying to find elegance.”There were many reminders of Prada’s taste down the years, like her permanent passion for a 20-30s Deco-graphic print on a midi dress, but what is really stood out were Prada’s extravagant marabou trimmings on stoles, smothering envelope bags and fluffing up necklines.With this collection Prada shows us various definitions of the way a woman can be. “A new way of elegance” -the words she used to describe her particular offering.