Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2016-2017 : Demna Gvasalia’s debut collection

Fashion world – the Fashion industry- because everyone of us make a part of the biggest industry -Fashion- has waited of Balenciaga show. The collection you are going to see was created by Demna Gvasalia from Vetements,  a new artistic director of historical Maison Balenciaga. What from Christóbal Balenciaga’s  Archives can be relevant for a modern woman?  Cristóbal Balenciaga  was about the tailoring  and that was a start point of Demna Gvasalia’s   debut collection :  the kind of tailoring which was used by Gvasalia must be  the elegance  nowadays,- „In a 360-degree way“  said Gvasalia .The coats and jackets were  created by the forward-leaning technical cut , the whoosh of volume in the fronts of skirts, and the inward-angled stiletto heels. But who is a Demna Gvasalia’s -New Balenciaga woman-or women because there were many characters on the runway – so there were the women who cares about Fashion of today ( and it not means to care about dressing well).How this collection was borned : “I started by making a list of garments, which is what we do at Vetements. Like the shirt, the coat, the trench coat, the aviator, the floral dress, the sweater. Then we drape—I never do sketches,” said Gvasalia  “And then we ask ourselves: Friends would like to wear it? We asked Eliza, the girl with the glasses, who closed the Vetements show, to open Balenciaga. And she said, ‘Oh, a business suit! I like this!“   Designer Demna Gvasalia is the Person of the Day, he was famous yet about his Vetements and yesterday, with his Balenciaga’s debut collection he took his place in the history of Fashion (imagine- it is reality!)  But the Fashion of today is not only Gvasalia’s Vetements or „New“ Balenciaga, we have an opportunity , we have many Fashion Houses- talented designers and this gives us possibility to choose. Gvasalia’s Balenciaga could be a hit of the Paris Fashion Week for one time or for many seasons, the revenue will show us if the „New“ Balenciaga woman is ready to wear this creations daily.


Photo credits : Roujas