Rochas Fall/Winter 2016-2017 #Paris

One is sure, Alessandro Dell’Acqua  delivered  his best collection for  Rochas house since he was taking the creative helm of the Parisian Maison. It’s  still very bright in the  Dell’Acqua’s world but this time it is not only bright but it is also very light – it was a breezy with sense of lightness on the runway . And this sense of lightness was the key to this collection and it was a quality that comes down to Dell’Acqua’s fabrics. The gold brocade on a pair of long, cuffed trousers looked substantial, but felt quite weightless. Dell’Aqua used glossy silk velvet and sheer fabrics layered over slips to create a breezy feeling. There were   gold sequin dress printed with violet florals and layered over a chartreuse button-down, an orange shirt, a periwinkle turtleneck, and mustard pants. But it  has a real-life potential – elegant, feather-light pieces could be beautifully mixed and matched and at this point it is really important because Rochas F/W 2016 is wearable and there are sure Rochas women who will ready and happy to wear the collection which Alessandro Dell’Aqua has offered yesterday.