Three goals- Blogging 201

i decide to make also the Blogging 201,  i think every woman can do it, i mean take part of Blogging 101, Blogging 201, bloggen in the same time , or write about designer’s  collections from Fashion Weeks , all in the same time. It takes a Little bit time but nobody ask us to write one article about it, isn’t it?
The golas:
it must be three . Exactly what i want reach with my blog.  I know that i don’t want to make a bad copy of great Vogue Magazine. There are a lot of good and bad similar web magazines online but how everyone can see it’s not easy, i felt in the muster. So what i want :
  1. to do it more personal,
  2. to have a content which can be interesting for another people.
  3. of course  i can write more , i know what i want, i have some ideas but must i write it?
  4.  so, for Goal Nr. 3 i ‚ll simply choose 5000 clicks per day. Why not? I can book Advertising on Facebook, i did it sometime but i want same People click more that one time, so, it must be interesting to read, here we are, we  are back to the second Goal.

If my blog has presence everywhere, yes and no, of course but i made a mistake, first i started with Facebook sites, ( there are no Chance to Change the Name of my site, i didn’t know that after 200 Likes it will be impossible to Change the site Name, there were more that 2 000 likes in  1 day, sorry but it’s true. and same everywhere. A lot of my virtual friends knows that all this pages, profiles Blogs are mine. But it’s not match with blog name. It’s not good but who cares… I want to make my blog more personal, in which way, i don’t  know till now. Kidding, of course i know but first the Fashion Weeks. And after i’ll see how can i do my online Magazine more personal…. maybe i’ll succeed maybe not.